Day 3 - Off to the Italian Alps!

We took a relaxing 6 hour bus ride where the scenery changed from vineyards to apple orchards to a town called Castelrotto, a beautiful Tyrolean village high up in The Italian Alps called The Dolomites. It is a hiking and skiing destination where most people speak German and is also home to what is considered Europe’s largest and most beautiful Alpine meadow called Alps di Suisi. En route, we stopped in Bolzano to see Otzi, the 5,300 year old ice man, in The South Tyrol Museum of Archeology. Otzi is a well preserved mummy discovered in 1991 in the Otztal Alps on the border between Austria and Italy. In the evening, we met our group for dinner at Pizzeria Sporthutte and sampled some Tyrolean food while getting to know our fellow travelers.


Day 4 – A day on our own in The Dolomites

T he Dolomites offer a unique blend of Italian and Austrian cultures. This was reflected in the delicious breakfast we were served before heading out for a day of hiking and sightseeing, most notably the freshly made apple strudel, local cheeses and homemade yogurt. There were two ways to get to the top to a town called Compatsch… either a gondola lift or a comfy Mercedes bus. While in Compatsch, we hiked for four hours surrounded by some of the most amazing views either one of us had ever seen. There were cows with cow bells ringing and horses roaming freely in the vast fields of green grass. What a nice life they have! We were even serenaded by a lone yodeler and accordionist on one of the trails who gave us a private performance. We video taped her and she asked if we could pass it along to Rick Steves. Can you believe that? Rick, let me know if you’d like to see it! We met with our group for a glass of wine at the end of the day and enjoyed pizza at a local restaurant on our own.

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